About Us

Mandavia Textiles (PVT) LTD.

All different services and product related to textiles within one Group. The Group includes products and service for Textile and Home. Our list of subsidiaries shows depth in technical command over various product services in different market segments.

Company Profile

At the Mandavia Group we believe relationship on the basis of trust and partnership.

This is the motto for our creative dialogues with clients, business friends and employees for more than twenty five years. Satisfied clients are our top priority . It is our objective to develop and apply have quality on product competitive edge.

The synergetic performance of the division in textile is still of decisive importance. Full system thinking and full system application, also to cover marketable individual requirements, makes the difference that means success in textiles, both in technical / technological functionality quality. Here an important role is played by the availability of optimally suitable products, these can only be supplied and supported by those who know and occupy themselves intensively with client wishes and market requirements in all manufacturing process.

Only a manufacturer such as The Mandavia Group who knows that what “fiber” , “yarn” , “cloth” and “garments” mean, how quality is contrived with them and can offer the best possible service in the long run. Successful clients all over the world are secure in the knowledge that, with Mandavia Group, they can receive textile for which
the final clients are waiting.

Our Exports

The product line range from yarn to woven fabric in all form i.e.Grey form, Semi Finished form and finished from. From fabrics to made-ups and bed linen

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